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Laser Cutting

Applications and Benefits of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting utilizes a beam that runs on high power to cut materials such as metals based on parameters set. The parameters can be controlled through the use of a computer.

The laser guides the beam on the surface of the material. The parts where it went through are burned or vaporized. The melted part splits causes the material to be cut.

Formats of Laser Cutting

There are two formats of laser cutting – galvanometer and gantry systems. Galvanometer systems utilize mirrored angles. This repositions the beam, having the ability to cut at 100 feet every minute.

On the other hand, gantry systems place the laser in perpendicular with the material. The machine directs its beam over the surface. It is generally slower than galvanometer system.

Fabrication industries usually utilize galvanometer systems. It works well on production work. The gantry systems are commonly the best option for prototype production.

Applications of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting has been among the commonly utilized cutting processes in the field of manufacturing. There are several industries that benefit from it such as electronics, aerospace, semiconductor, medicine and automotive.

This cutting process offers reliability and quality to the users. It provides output that demonstrates how wide the variety of cutting applications it can handle. Here are some of the applications of laser cutting.

  • Metal cutting – This is the most usual laser curing application. It can be used on different metals such as tungsten, brass, nickel, aluminum and steel. With this, a number of industries utilize it for metal manipulation or fabrication.

Laser cutting delivers clean cuts as well smooth finishes. It is commonly used in cutting metal pieces for structural shapes and components. No matter how big or small the piece is, this cutting technology can be utilized.

  • Reflective metal cutting – This cutting process is also applicable on reflective metals. You can product intricate and complex shapes.
  • Laser surgery – Believe it or not, this cutting process also works with the human tissue. There are also several medical sectors that incorporate it on medical tools and devices.

For the surgery, laser cutting can be utilized instead of the manual scalpel. It vaporizes the tissue. This is commonly conducted during eye laser surgery.

  • Marking and engraving – Both marking and engraving can be incorporated to a material or object. It increases its aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it can also be used to provide functions such as appending barcodes.

In general, laser cutting has been useful on different applications nowadays especially on metal handling or fabrication. This cutting process is recommended because of its clean cuts and less waste.

Benefits of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting provides several advantages on production and manufacturing processes. It has been a great help in the innovating and developing industry in today’s time.

Compared with conventional cutting forms, laser cutting is more efficient, reliable and safer to utilize. Here are the reasons why it’s beneficial.

  • Safer cutting method – High production rates requires better safety procedures. Laser cutting techniques are typical safer than other methods of cutting. This is due to the fact that the beam used is tightly sealed in a light box.
  • No contact process – The laser used by the beam to cut objects does not touch the surface. It melts the path where it goes to which causes the material to split or cut. This process is possible due to extreme heat that the beam produces.

Given that there is no physical contact, the material incurs less to no damage. With this, the risk of undergoing maintenance and repair are eliminated, making the process cost efficient.

  • Works with different materials – Laser cutting can work well on different materials. It can be used on plastics, glass, wood, diamonds and especially metals. It has no issue in cutting large sizes of material to create intricate section and designs.
  • Low power utilization – A typical machine for laser cutting machine only uses around 10 kilowatts of power. This is lower than other cutting methods which uses at least 50 kilowatts every use.

These are some of the important considerations when deciding which cutting method to utilize for your projects. If you are working with metal handling, this is the best option for you.

Advantages of Getting Services for Laser Cutting in Las Vegas

The process of laser cutting requires precision tools which makes it a specialized task. Getting services from a service provider allows you to gain access on trained professionals on this field. Moreover, there are several service providers that carry large inventories of metal products.

It is essential to look for service providers that utilize modern and state of the art cutting tools and equipment. In today’s competitive market, you can find one that can meet your requirements in a fast paced manner.

Should you decide to acquire services for laser cutting, you can focus on other tasks at hand for your business. Furthermore, you are assured that capable individuals are handling this specialized task. This helps in completing your business objectives efficiently, faster and cost-effective.

Points to Remember

Laser cutting is an effective process to cut objects through the use of heat. It melts down the surface which causes it to split. It produces clean cuts and less waste compare with other cutting techniques.

This cutting process has been utilized on different applications. It can be used to cut metals, reflective metals, engraving as well as in medical applications.

With these, it provides several benefits that can be a great help on your projects. It is recommended to consider getting services for laser cutting. Aside from having highly skilled and experienced professionals, you can also focus on other areas of the business where it needs more attention.






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