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Powder Coating

What Is Powder Coating

The process of powder coating utilizes free-flowing and dry powder. Compared with a traditional liquid paint, powder coating does not involve the use of solvent. Over the years, it has become popular, representing at least 15% of industrial finishing businesses in the market.

Applied electrostatically, the powder coating is cured with heat. It then flows on the surface, forming a film or skin. Powder coatings may be in different types such as thermoplastic and polymer. These types provide a harder finish compared unlike regular paint.

Powder coatings are used mainly for equipment or materials made from metal. These include household appliances, hardware, aluminum products and automobile parts. It offers protection from rusting and corrosion.


Powder Coating Metal Applications

Metals need specific attention when undergoing the process of powder coating. There are a number of service providers that offer solutions for powder coating.

In today’s time, there are many metals that utilize powder coating to make them ready for preparation or production. Here are some of the various metals and specific considerations when powder coating them.

  • Carbon steel – This type is one of the basic ones nowadays. It contains at least 95% of pure carbon. It is susceptible to metal corrosion. Thus, powder coating is utilized to prevent occurrence of this issue.

The kind of powder coating normally used for carbon steel is epoxy. Should the carbon steel equipment be used outdoors, especially on a sunny weather, a good recommendation is epoxy polyester.

  • Stainless steel – For this type of steel, the common recommendation for powder coating is polyester. Corrosion is not an issue for this type of metal. Thus, polyester is enough to powder coat this metal.

Glass beads are used to provide an effect on stainless steel for anti-glare. A powder coated stainless steel is protected from external elements, making it last for a long period of time.

  • Aluminium – Powder coating for aluminum is essential to provide protection to its surface. Cleaning aluminum requires elimination of the initial aluminum oxide layer. If this is not done, the bonding of the powder coating and aluminum surface will not develop.

There are several options for the type of powder coating that you can use on aluminum. Some of the powder coating recommended for this type is epoxy polyester and polyester coatings. Powder coating aids in offering strength and color protection.

  • Galvanized steel – This type of steel has their own properties that protect them from corrosion. Nevertheless, powder coating is still recommended. The protection it initially has does not compare with the intense protection that powder coating provides.

The powder coating allows the galvanized steel to acquire protection. Whether it is used for outdoors or indoors, powder coating makes it remain strong for a long period of time.

  • Chrome – Powder coating can also be performed on chrome. The main purpose of this is to provide it better appearance. Nevertheless, chrome needs to be shined well first to arrive on a preferable finish.

A service provider can help you complete your powder coating needs for metal projects. It is important to consider what type of metal you are dealing with first before deciding what powder coating to use.

Benefits of Powder Coating

The process of powder coating has been a popular way to paint objects with different colors and finishes. It gives several advantages compared with conventional methods of painting.

It provides viability and value on different applications. Some of its benefits include providing durability as well aid in environmental impact. Here are some of the benefits of utilizing powder coating.

  • Cost effective – The process of powder coating eliminates the extra time needed to dry paint. Moreover, the materials acquired for the process is specific on the specifications and size of the project.

In terms of other painting methods, the powder used is also cheaper than paint. These circumstances make powder coating cost friendly and may help save money.

  • Durable – Powder coating has been acknowledged as more durable compared with other options such as paint. The process of curing helps the powder melt. It forms a chemical chain when it binds together. With this, it results to a more flexible finish.

For objects that need small amounts of flexing and bending, the use of powder coat is recommended. Furthermore, it becomes resistant to flaking, corrosion and scratching.

  • Efficient – The process of coating requires electromagnetic charge to aid in binding the powder. It is efficient in a way that there is little to no waste produced during the process.

The coating professional may spray little or huge amount of powder as required. In addition to this, there is no need to dry each coat before proceeding to the next one. This saves time and amount in terms of operating costs.

Over-all, acquiring powder coating in Las Vegas aids you to complete your coloring tasks faster and cheaper. Compared with traditional painting services, it offers benefits such as durability, variety and better quality.

If you are in need of good quality color and finish to your projects, it is important to consider powder coating. There are several service providers you can choose from.

General Thoughts

Powder coating is a method to provide color to objects like metal. It offers durability and finish that is better than traditional painting methods.

The process is applicable on a variety of applications. In today’s time, it is the common way to paint metals. Different metals require a specific type of powder coating depending on its properties.

In general, powder coating provides a number of benefits. It is cost effective, durable and environmentally safe. It is recommended for projects that needs a variety of finishes and colors. Moreover, it is easy to maintain and does require special cleaning techniques.






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