Shearing Services for Your Cutting Projects

Shearing is the process of cutting objects but eliminating the possibility of chips from forming. Moreover, it does not use melting or burning activities. This process requires precise cutting techniques using cutting blades.

The cutting blades may be straight or curved. A process that involves straight blades is known as shearing. On the other hand, curved blades are utilized on operations that are shearing type. These operations include roll slitting, trimming, piercing and blanking.

Commonly, the most sheared materials or objects are sheet plates or metals. Nevertheless, there are also some metal objects like rods that can be sheared.

Types and Uses of Shear for Sheet Metals

There are several types of shear for sheet metals. Generally, all of them function to cut the metal in precise conditions. Here are some of the shear types that you may encounter when requiring services.

  • Alligator Shear – This type is called as lever shear. It is a tool that utilizes a jaw which is hinged. Moreover, it is powered with hydraulic cylinder or flywheel. It is a standalone shear that works well of excavators.

Recommended for steel members like pipes, rebar, I-beams and angle iron, it is very useful for metal sheet cutting businesses. It is used on long metal objects. These are the objects that do not require accuracy.

  • Bench Shear – This type also part of the lever shear family. It is mounted normally in a bench, utilizing a mechanism that increases its mechanical advantage. It offers efficient operation and is light weight.

It is commonly used on cutting tasks for roughly shaped pieces of metal. It is important to note that it is not advisable for delicate applications.

  • Guillotine – This type of shear is also known as squaring shear. There are several machines under this type that are foot powered. It handles the job by clamping the material with its ram. The blade shall move across a fixed one to shear well the material.

Some of its applications are angle shear, squaring shear and bow-tie shear. These are regularly used on different processes on the manufacturing field.

  • Power shears – This type is a hand tool that is electrically powered. They are used to create straight lines on large pieces or sheets of metal. They can also create curves with large radius. It does not have a limit on the sheet size compared with a band saw.

These are just some of the common types of shear and their uses. It is important to note their applications so that you may identify which one is fit for your business requirements.

Advantages of Shearing

Shearing is one of the best options when cutting metals. It is a reliable process that is fast, cheap and easy. You can cut even as simple as tubes and rods without the hassle and expensive equipment.

It is essential to identify the advantages of this cutting method to help you evaluate its necessity for your needs.

  • Works well on soft metals – The basic process of shearing involves moving a blade and pushing it again on a fixed one. The pressure will cut the metal object without the use of melting or burning it.

The process works well on soft metals. It can easily cut through metal sheets due to its thickness. Nevertheless, it is not advisable for harder metals. Brittle and hard metals are susceptible to fracture should shearing be used.

  • Minimal material loss – The major benefit of shearing is that is produces little to no kerf. This means that you are not losing material parts during the process.

Despite minimal material loss, you must consider that this process is not burr free. The force created by the shear causes burr which may potentially provide deformation.

  • Cost effective – Shearing is applicable on any material of different diameters. It is provides savings for operations that needs high output. This includes producing a number of pieces every hour.

When deciding if shearing can be an option for your project requires understanding and better considerations. You must be able to know the methods to apply on your project and the specific parameters.

Hiring Shearing Services in Las Vegas

In a nut shell, metal shearing refers to the process of cutting metal sheets or material in straight lines. It starts with preparing the material for pressing or stamping. Next, it involves cutting shorter or smaller pieces from a large stock. 

If you want precision cutting methods on your project, you may consider getting shearing services. There are several providers which offer shearing services. These include precision cutting methods as well as proper inspection and inventory.

Shearing services utilizes several process attributes. By acquiring services for shearing, you are assured proper handling of tasks. You can fully focus more on the other essential areas in your business.

Final Things to Note

The process of shearing eliminates the possibility of forming chips. It does not utilize melting or burning activities to cut metal materials. Cutting blades are used to perform precise cuts.

There are several types of shear for different purposes. May it be for roughly shaped materials or creation of curved cuts, shearing process can help you complete your projects.

Shearing provides several benefits for your projects. Since this process works well on soft metal, it is essential to use it on delicate materials. It provides minimal loss of material which makes it cost effective.






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